Crinkly Joey Flowers

I have had a ball making what I call Joey Flowers. These are generally a flower made of fabric or ribbon.  I have been raving about the lovely crinkly ribbon that I purchased from an Etsy web site.

Mary from Glorie Vintage sales this beautiful satin crinkly ribbon in many colors, but my favorite are the soft pastels. She also sales many other items. Stop by and say hi! 

I couldn’t wait to try this new ribbon out.


After making a very large Joey flower I thought that making smaller ones would be perfect with this lovely ribbon. You may think that I am crazy but I love the smell and feel of new textiles, it’s kinda like opening up a new book or magazine and smelling that great fragrance of the paper and print. I almost can get a high from it ! lol I know I’m kinda crazy!

finished pink flower

Here is a Joey flower made out of the Ballerina Pink. One thing that I find great is that I can use up a lot of the scrapes of fabric and ribbon when making Joey flowers.

You will need: Fabric or ribbon, glue gun, thread and needle for by hand, or sewing machine, scissors, felt in color of the rosette, pieces of jewelry for center of rosette, strips of fabric and or ribbon, lace. Alphabet stamps and stamp pad for creating words on streamers.

pink circle

To start with you need to cut 2 circles out of felt the color of your flower.

start sewing flower

The size of the rosette depends on the size of the circle you cut. Start by sewing the ribbon at the outer edge of the circle and bunch or gather the ribbon as you sew row by row . . .

sewing 2

. . .  make sure that when you start and end you do a couple of back stitches so it will stay nice and secure.

flower ends

It should look like this when you are finished sewing on the ribbon. You can use ribbon or fabric for the rosette.  Now you should have the flower, and one more round felt circle left. Next start to put together the streamers that you want hanging from the rosette. I cut pieces of lace, tulle, and ribbon at different lengths.  As you can see above I have tea stained some of the ribbon for a little more weathered look. I like to mix it with the new, it gives a nice effect.

adding ribbon to the back

I run a line of stitches to hold all of the streamers together, then I hot glue the streamers to the back of the rosette about 2/3 rds of the way down. Arrange the streamers the way you like them.


At the top of the circle glue a small ribbon for hanging. Then take the felt circle that is left and glue gun it to the back of the flower. This will make the back look much more tightly and presentable and give it a finished look.

front of flower

Choose what ever you like for the center of the rosette. I used a large pearl.

finished white

I have found many uses for these sweet flowers. Here are a few.

  They even make a gift extra special because you made it.

joesy flowers Collage

I also have stamped something cute on the streamers like “Shabby White” or “Ballet Pink”. I like the personal touch.

CAUTION: I have made these flowers with a glue gun instead of sewing but if you want any fingerprints left be careful if you are using a glue gun!  lol

Have a wonderful day!

xx Jo

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26 thoughts on “Crinkly Joey Flowers

  1. You have really made some beautiful flowers! I agree about the hot glue, ouch! But, they are so pretty! Make sure to stop by the blog and enter my give away 🙂 Blessings, Cindy xo


  2. Thank you for showing us how to make your pretty flowers and for the warning about the hot glue. I always try to remember to keep a bowl of ice water close at hand to plunge my fingers into if I get ‘glued’.


  3. Totally in love! So beautiful in fact, the designer in me wants a dress with these “Joey” flowers. I can picture it in my head.. A little black dress with these flowers as the belt…. Or a beautiful wedding dress with the bottom made from nothing but just a garden of these flowers… ( of course the netting and the lining lol) but I’ve seen dresses like that and they go for thousands of dollars and those flowers aren’t even close to yours! Ohhhh what I could do with these beauties… Headbands, fascinators! Belts, even on shoes! Look at what you sparked! Lol


  4. Oh I totally know what you mean about textiles! I am the same way… Love to touch and smell lol, my husband calls says it’s a sensory issue that costs him a lot of money. Lol


      • It’s kinda nice to know I’m not alone in the fact I love me a nice new skein of yarn, or when I get my silk sari ribbons the weird fact I like to lay them out and pet each one lmfao… Ok that sounds creepy, I’ll stop at that one… ( I secretly sniff too) haha


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