Jo’s Romantic Farmhouse Decor

(Updated July 17, 2015 ) Welcome! I am so glad that you have come to visit my home. I live in a small basement apartment below my Son and his family. I have privacy and yet company. I moved out of a lovely home after my divorce and the transition was huge for me. I had a lot of decor to go through and I sold a lot. I have always been in love with country decor, my Mom is a self professed Interior Designer and I guess that is where I get the gift from.  I collect the things that I love, that are authentic to me and my house becomes my story. So until life changes this is my sweet home.


Outside entrance to my little nest.

Outside entrance to my little nest.

BeFunky_black board chair.jpgdetails roseThe Kitchen

details green sign

dresser front side

basket counter

chalk bottle fabric

Easter basket

Dinning area.

hutch full done

hutch bottom

hutch box

hutch top



Added details to some chippy stools.

Added details to some chippy stools.

BeFunky_cup 3.jpg

BeFunky_cup 0.jpg

sea izy

Sitting room.

sea blue b

sea mer 1

bucket full

romantic wall


romantic close up

sign stencil chestN bookcase
BeFunky_N couch.jpgFinds

BeFunky_door 4.jpg

BeFunky_door 12.jpg

BeFunky_door 8.jpg
BeFunky_N bath entrance.jpgBathroom and dressing area.
BeFunky_N bathroom 1.jpg
BeFunky_N bath roses.jpg

BeFunky_chain wreath.jpgWhere I create.

romantic madonnaromantic angel

romantic mirror

head board 5

My bedroom

a chest

Thanks for stopping by!

Signature blue

annes attic blog button


10 thoughts on “Jo’s Romantic Farmhouse Decor

  1. Oh gosh, I had missed this post…what an awesome tour—love your childproofing—lol. What did great grandma do…instead of 12.95 plastic dooo-hickeys…lol. I love everything ===everything looks so comfortable and has history…dont’ you just love it!


  2. I loved your son’s comment; a sailor is going to look very conspicuous among the flowers and ruffles! I thoroughly enjoyed the “tour” I like how you included items to be used as storage like the trunk, wicker basekt, and decorated boxes. I want to make my nondescript house look more romantic and cottagey! First, the clutter….


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