Up and Running!

My sewing machine is still up and running. Because I don’t have a lot of space I alternate time for painting and sewing projects. Right now they are both screaming at me to get them done. lol Good thing that they can’t really talk or I would pull my hair out! lol


I promised a few of you a tutorial on how I made my burlap “vase”.  It originally was a pillow cover, I needed the insert for another project.  I picked it up one day and thought “hey, this would make a great hanger with some flowers in it. Hence, the burlap “vase” was born.  I have made another in a little more modern design so I could show you how.

Now, I don’t want to scare off any of you who are non sewers because you can totally make this with just using fabric glue. It is very easy, just glue where I say sew!

First of all decide on how big you would like it. I used 14″x 14″ then added 2 more inches on each end. So it would be 14″ width x 18″ length. Then I put a hem on each end. About 1/4 “.  Then press flat.

Second I folded the fabric with front sides together and measured until it became a 14″ x 14″ square. Then sewed the ends together. Turn inside out. This will leave you with an opening in the back which you could put in a pillow insert or use it to put some lovely artificial flowers in like I did. This is how I make most of my pillow inserts.


When you are finished you should have an opening like above. With one end overlapping a little. As you can see the sides are sewn on each side.

short flowers

I found that using the heads of larger flowers keeps them from falling out and being top heavy, so I cut off the long stems. Smaller flowers seem okay with longer stems because you can arrange them in between the larger ones.

case fill

Third –  I filled the bottom end with some old fabric scraps or you can even use plastic grocery bags, this helps to balance out the weight of the flowers and fill the bottom out so it looks nice and full.

bag with flowers

To hang the bag I just hung it over a door wreath hanger, and the burlap bag I poked a hole through it. It just depends on where you are going to hang your bag. Just make sure your flowers are secure so they don’t fall out. It takes a little time arranging it the way you like.

burlap flower holder

Another project that I have been working on is making a small curtain for my tiny window. Here I used some vintage satin fabric with vintage off white lace. I sewed the lace on each end of the fabric. Then I hung the fabric from clips with rings that I hung on a depression rod. I think I will buy a few more of the rings, I think it will even it out more at the top. Then I’ll spray the rings white. I wished they came in white. Oh well anything for the cause!


I have been making joey flowers again and came up with some fun ways to use my crinkly ribbon. I will be showing you how to make these next post.

A big thank you to all of the new followers that have come by lately and to all of you who have supported me through the last couple of years blogging!    THANK YOU!!!!!

Have a wonderful week!

xx Jo

I will be at these amazing parties this week, come and join me!


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20 thoughts on “Up and Running!

  1. I never thought of using fabric glue instead of a sewing machine-now I may be able to make a pillow cover that is sort of like a ‘pillow pocket.’ I can use glue (I think). With the sewing machine, it’s the getting the thread to the needle from the bobbins and stringing it all through that get me.
    I love the use of the rings with the depression rod and how you fancied up the curtain with lace-that is a great idea!
    BTW-I received my memory pillow and Joey flower, and they are BEAUTIFUL!!! I placed the pillow on a small Victorian antique chair and the Joey on my bedroom interior shutter over my “Home Sweet Cottage” sign and it looks just fab! The pillow is precious, and I will always cherish it and use it to save special cards/photos. Thanks so much and when I figure out how to get a photo to my laptop from my tablet, I will send you a picture to your Etsy e-mail contact if that is okay.


  2. So pretty Anne!
    Did you know that your first name is my baby girls middle name and spelled the same way:)
    You both are very talented and special!
    Great to have you join us at TOHOT!


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