Country Cottage Fall Decor Ideas!

Welcome to Anne’s Attic – design!  My attic (my attic being my mind that never stops creating)  is chock full of ideas today.  My sweet little Shabby Lane Cottage is ready for Fall and ready to help inspire you to decorate your home for pennies.  Continue reading

My Favorite Things!

Hello Everyone! I decided that on Wednesdays I would do a post on my favorite things. I usually post on only home decor but this will give me a chance to share just a little bit of outside flavor with you. I would love to have you share your favorite things with me through your comments or email and then I can share it on a Wednesday post.

So here we go . . .

BeFunky_Nail polish.jpg

My first favorite thing is for all  you lovely ladies that like to get your hands messy yet love to see your nails with a pretty mani (that is if you don’t go out to have your nails done).  I heard about this nail polish from another designer and she loved it, she said that it stayed looking nice for ten days. So I had to give it a try. I got almost two weeks out of it! The polish is amazing, it dries within minutes, the colors are beautiful and it goes on seamlessly. One thing that I noticed that really helps it to stay on for me is to rough up my nails with a file before I put on the base coat. I didn’t use a Sally Hansen base coat though and it worked fine. I used 1 base coat, 2 coats of nail polish and one coat of top coat. It really is amazing.

BeFunky_Nails neat.jpg

My second favorite thing is an awesome Etsy shop called “Neat Old Stuff” . CP Phare Sales, she sales the coveted Jeanne d arc living magazine there.  Now you can buy the magazine at several other shops on-line but none will surprise you more than CP’s package when they arrive. Look at the one above, this one is wrapped in vintage wall paper with bits of ribbon, music and vintage pictures and always a sweet surprise inside the envelope. (Click on picture above to go to her shop)

BeFunky_Nails vio.jpg

I never waste a good thing. I stuck another one of CP’s master pieces in my old violin, it goes along with the music theme that I have in my dressing area. I always love and appreciate it when someone goes the extra mile, and she guarantees her shipping. Thanx CP!

BeFunky_Nail dress form.jpg

My last favorite thing was to see a precious child smile with delight.

A few weeks ago I was sewing away and my little granddaughter Juliette was playing with many of my fabric pieces. She found some light pink tulle and said that she needed a dress to twirl in. I stopped what I was doing and put her together a fun little tutu. I just gathered the fabric and sewed it on a gross grain ribbon. Very simple and easy.

BeFunky_Nail Jules.jpg

It wasn’t anything special but you would have thought that I had just given her the world. She twirled and twirled and played princess and tea party all afternoon. I love this little darling so much. As you can see she has very short hair. Jules is very good with the scissors and decided one day to cut off a pig tail. O my gosh I almost cried and Mom and Dad were not happy. But I gave her a quick little trim and now she says that her hair looks like grandmas! LOL Oh the joy of a child.

Have a beautiful day!



Shopping Your Home for Valentine Decor

Hello again, junk’n fanatics, home decor connoisseurs and those that just love to make their home as beautiful and inviting as can be! :))

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2 Bags Full


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BeFunky_Give a way parrot.jpg

Isn’t he beautiful! He will be flying to your home soon!

On to the business at hand. I want to share some of the very easy peasy Valentine decor ideas that I use in my home. All of the items that I am sharing I already have had on hand. I’ve used many of them for Christmas decor, or just everyday decor. All I did was shop my house for them.

BeFunky_Val bird.jpg

I have been hording a huge bag of dried roses. Then I thought why not make some wreaths out of them. These were the simplest thing to make. I took old wire coat hangers, and strung the rose heads on them, I twisted the two ends of the wire together and added lace. I could have as easily made a heart but I liked the look of the circle. The one above is has a bit like potpourri.

BeFunky_Val rose ring.jpg

Here is a larger one done in pink roses.

BeFunky_Val Wreath.jpg

A white one hangs on my reindeer.

BeFunky_Val rose.jpg

If I had more wire hangers and roses I think that I would have made them all day. Some of the roses were very fragile so be careful if you decide to make one they are pretty fragile.

BeFunky_Val love story.jpg

As I was shopping my home for Valentine decor I came upon my old paperback book (I was gifted this from Santa when I was a young girl)  “LOVE STORY” I add some twine on it and now its an art piece!

BeFunky_Val big.jpg

I’ve had this old wooden heart for years. After my grandmother passed I was given some old scrape books of hers and in one of them I found this card that was given to her by my parents for Valentines Day in 1950, it even had writing on it by my Mom. I took it apart and glued it on the front of the heart with hodgepodge. Now its preserved for ever.

BeFunky_Val bucket.jpg

My rusty bucket hold a piece of burlap with a few wooden hearts that my son Dane made for me when he was in Shop. I have used these hearts forever and this year I painted them and added some pretties.

BeFunky_Val hang.jpg

Here one hangs from a basket.

BeFunky_Val wood.jpg

I added some lovely sheet music.

BeFunky_Val Luv .jpg

Tucking in a wooden heart into a display makes any display become a  Valentine vignette.

BeFunky_Val doll.jpg

BeFunky_Val metal.jpg

Here I just shopped my jewelry box to decorate one of my manikin’s.

BeFunky_Val rust.jpg

I scattered a few great rusty hearts around.

BeFunky_Val pigs.jpg

I made these piggies when I was 18! They hang next to a tissue paper heart garland.

BeFunky_Val scrabble.jpg

Last but not least I put out some scrabble tile words that describe Valentines Day. This one sits on my work bench, reminding me of my passion for decor, and family!

Val decor collage

Have fun with Valentine decor it really doesn’t take much to add this lovely holiday into your home. 

((Warm Hugs))



Sweet DIY Ornaments and Garland

I am so glad that you have stopped by, I have been making some really great ornaments for my tree. I also made a garland to match and they were so fun, easy and inexpensive. I can’t wait to share them with you!

BeFunky_O angel.jpg

BeFunky_O easy angel.jpg

This little Angel is so fun and easy to make, I found it on Pintrest. I used old grocery bags for the wings and for the body I tea stained some white sheeting that I had and sewed it in the form of a body. I used twigs from the garden for arms, and a half of piece of gold pipe cleaner for the halo, I glued it all with a glue gun. I choose to sew around the wings to give it a little texture and design and then used a fine tip marker for the eyes. They make great gift tags as well as ornaments.

BeFunky_O tinsel 1.jpg

I wanted something really different this year for my tree so I limited the colors to blues, sliver, gold and any neutral color. For the garland I used pipe cleaners, in silver and gold, one half of one. Then I twisted them all together. The garland turned out beautiful! I combined them with the old antique glass beads that I have. They use to be on my Dad’s tree when he was a child.

BeFunky_O tinsel.jpg

Here is a peek of my unfinished tree with the garlands on them. I really love the look.

BeFunky_O fav star.jpg

As I was browsing through pint-rest I found these darling ornaments that are made out of cardboard, old sheet music, and glitter. I said to myself “I can make those!” So I did. I used cookie cutters for a template, then cut out one from the sheet music, and one from cardboard. I glued them together, then added a glitter out line. I made a cute banner for the ornament by cutting out the title of the music. For the hanger I used a small piece of pipe cleaner.

BeFunky_O tree.jpg

BeFunky_O large star.jpg

I made rein deer, angel wings, trees, stars, doves, and bells. I really enjoyed making them and can’t wait for you to see them on the tree. I decorated five trees in all, and I’m still having fun and lots more to do.

For some reason it is always LOVERLY to decorate for the Christmas season!

Warm ((HUGS))


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