Christmas in the Sitting Room

Wow, thirteen days until Christmas. Time really does fly especially when you’re having fun.  I have been truly blessed this Christmas season to enjoy my own little cottage. This is the first time ever for me and it’s been really fun to dream up just about anything I want to do to it as long as it doesn’t cost much.

I have hosted a couple of Christmas parties this year and it has been fun to share my home with friends and loved one. One of the Christmas trees only got knocked down once so I thought that I was doing pretty good with sharing such a small home with others.

lite tree

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Pom Poms!

Welcome! I have never been one to follow the in crowd but when I see something over and over again that is really cute I just have to try it. That’s what I have been doing with Pom Poms, those cute little fuzzy balls made of yarn. They are everywhere so I just had to make some for myself. I have made many pom poms in the past but they have been for snow hats or slippers, and to tell you the truth I had a ball making them (pun intended). Anything for the home decor cause, right!

BeFunky_pom wreath step 1.jpg

I decided to make a wreath and two garlands. White was my choice of color.  Got to have things match, right!

I used a large foam wreath base, two steins of yarn, and hot glue.

BeFunky_pom wind.jpg

I used a piece of cardboard to wrap the yarn around, you can also use your fingers if you choose. I wanted them pretty fluffy so I wrapped them full.

BeFunky_pom step 2.jpg

The I carefully pulled the yarn off of the cardboard and wrapped a piece of yarn around the middle several times and knotted it three times.

BeFunky_pom step 3.jpg

After that I cut through both ends of the yarn and fluffed it up and I had a pom-pom.

BeFunky_pom wreath 2.jpg

I glued three rows of pom poms on the wreath form, one around the outer side, one row in front and one row in the inside of the form base.

BeFunky_pom wreath.jpg

There you go I had myself a darling fluffy pom-pom wreath in less than an hour. I put a cute cardboard heart in the middle. How perfect is this for these winter months, it really fits right!

BeFunky_pom garland 2.jpg

For the garlands I just threaded them on some of the yarn and WA LA, so cute hanging in my kitchen window.

BeFunky_pom garland 3.jpg

I also made one for my book case, it adds a little fuzzy to my sitting room. This was such a fun, fast, easy project that didn’t cost a lot. The only thing that was very expensive was the wreath form, if you don’t want to buy one use and old grapevine wreath, or even some heavy cardboard cut in the shape of a wreath or string the pom pom’s on a wire hanger. You can make these in any color, my grand-kids have put their orders in for pink, green and blue, imagine that. LOL

Have a great start to your week and if you decide to make pom poms let me know how they turned out for you, I always love comments.

((Warm Hugs))


Pom collage

Thank you dear friends!

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