Christmas in the Kitchen

This truly is a record for me this year, two posts in a week! I have made a New Years resolution to do better with my blogging and sharing so you will be seeing me a more this coming year.

kitchen collage

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Bringing in Change Through Pillow Covers

Thank you for coming to my little nest. I love to share all the joyous changes that I make in my home. Through flowers, fabrics, candles, and beautiful functional things, my home is more comfortable and inviting and makes me want to be here more often.  My little nest is always evolving and one of the ways that I make seasonal changes is through making pillow covers. Yup! More, for those that have been following for awhile.

I saw a beautiful wall hanging one day and because I love to do embroidery work I decided to make one, but because of living in such a small space I decided not to use the finished piece as a wall hanging rather a pillow cover.

BeFunky_Pil embordary .jpg

I got this old feed sack from a Etsy shop, because of the size of the sack I was able to make two pillow covers out of it. I used a thin cotton batting on the back, I wanted the stitching to show up and to give a quilted look. I then based around the edges to hold the two pieces together. I didn’t do any really fancy stitches mostly cross stitch and running stitches. It was a pretty big piece to hand stitch though and it took me a while to complete. Starting it just before the holidays was part of the problem.

BeFunky_Pil feed up make.jpg

This is a look of the front side . . .

BeFunky_Pil make feed.jpgand the back. I did not cut it in half because of the stitching.

BeFunky_Pil feed bag.jpg

Here it is all fluffed up with the pillow insert. I am very pleased how it turned out. The patina on it is beautiful. Not so sure I want people relaxing on it though! LOL I have another feed bag with a chicken on the front and I think it will make more of a conversation piece so I will give it a go soon.

BeFunky_Pil white and feed.jpg

The back of the feed bag is the pillow on the back right. It really is clean the fabric was pretty stained when I got it, but that’s what I like about it.

I bought two lovely pieces of fabric about a year ago and I could not bring myself to cutting them up. But when the nest calls for new pillow covers and Shabby Chic ones at that, well I donated them to the cause. I made two out of each piece. The lovely white rose texture pattern is above.

BeFunky_Pil blue.jpg

Here is the pale blue one. I made two of each and still have beautiful scrapes for other projects. I’m making a beautiful lacy wire heart out of the white scrapes. I’ll show you that soon.

Chances are you have something in your home that needs to be livened up a bit or needs a bigger change, making your home beautiful and inviting need not cost a whole lot. Shop your home for changes even your closest. Making pillow covers from clothing is pretty simple even for non sewers. There are many products out on the market that you can either iron on or glue to make these.

For me there is no such thing as a make over because my home will never truly be made over all it takes is looking through my favorite magazine or surfing through my favorite blogs I know that I will find something.

Until next time!