Spring is Here to Stay!

Welcome to all of you. I am so happy that you have come to check out my sweet little cottage Shabby Lane.  I feel so happy and loved here and just can hardly wait to share it throughout the seasons.   Continue reading

Part 4 of Shabby Lane Tour

Welcome dear friends! I hope that you are enjoying this beautiful Spring weather. I love the Easter season, it is such a time for renewal for me and being in this sweet cottage has really set a lot in motion for me. Continue reading

Summer Give a Way!

Welcome, welcome my dear blogging friends! Summer is passing with a vengeance, slow down I say. lol Because we are looking at the end of Summer I think it is time for a

GIVE A WAY!!!!!! ♥

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Easter Musings

Welcome my friends! I hope that you are all enjoying wonderful Spring weather today. I want to share Continue reading

A New Life for An Old Birdhouse

Welcome my dear blogging friends! I had a neighbor come over the other day and said that he was going to take a lot of things to Goodwill, Continue reading