A Romantic Cottage Bedroom

Welcome my dear blogging friends! I am so excited to show you my Romantic Cottage Bedroom.  It is simple and small but it allows me to put all of my furniture and pretties in it. It truly is a lovely comfortable room. Continue reading

Filling Up Space

Hello everyone! I hope that you all had a great weekend. My life these days have become very busy.  Continue reading

A Romantic Christmas

Welcome everyone to the Creative Christmas linky party!  How fun is this to get to inside of everyone’s home at Christmas time. I love going for a drive and looking at the home’s that are already for Christmas. I love seeing their Christmas tree shinning through the front windows, and often wonder what it must look like inside. Continue reading

A Old Screen Into Wall Art

It’s Monday my dear friends! I hope that everyone has had a beautiful weekend.

I have been busy this weekend with a few new projects and I can’t wait to share one with you, of course this was fun, easy and didn’t cost me much. These are my rules! LOL

BeFunky_Screen undone.jpg

I bought this great old screen a couple of weeks ago. Some times I set my finds in my home and look at them for a few days until the creative juices start to flow, that’s what I did with this one.

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