Shopping Etsy

I have had some great experiences shopping Etsy’s Independent Shops and have made some beautiful relationships with their owners.  I have shared in the past some of the shops that I enjoy and today I want to share with you a few more shops that I love.

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A Dress-form, a Drawer,and a Paper Back book

What would you do if you had a plain old dress form, a large vintage drawer, and a bunch of old paperback books? Continue reading

So Many Projects!

Welcome Friends!  Life is busier for me than it was during the holidays, but that’s okay because I am doing things that I love. Continue reading

Re-purposing Boxes to Use in Your Vignettes

WELCOME! All of my blogging friends!

“Take this little thought from me, You are what I want to be, All the kindly deeds you do, You are the finest of the fine, Good, old loyal friends of mine.”

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