Shabby Curtains

Hello! I have been really busy preparing Shabby Lane Cottage for Fall. There have actually been a few days when I could open up the windows and turn the air conditioner off and let the soft fresh air in. Now that’s heaven to me.   Continue reading

Shabby Chic Art

Welcome everyone.  I have been very busy with my art and design projects this summer. It’s a good thing that I have this to fill my time because I have been chopping at the bit to repaint some furniture and ready Shabby Lane Cottage for Fall.  I told myself that I had to wait a few weeks. It’s just still too hot outside and I don’t want people in my neighborhood to think I am crazy when I start hanging Fall wreaths on the front door! Alas, I have beautiful neighbors! Hi Susan and Kim! They know I can be little crazy at times.

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Welcome to Shabby Lane Cottage Kitchen Tour

I am so happy to welcome you to my sweet little cottage on a very shady lane on the side of the mountain overlooking the Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island.  Continue reading

Vintage Meat Safe

I was at my shop one day and discovered this amazing vintage meat safe. It really was a mess and the shelves were missing as well as the bottom had rotted and  been replaced with press wood. Continue reading

A Romantic Christmas

Welcome everyone to the Creative Christmas linky party!  How fun is this to get to inside of everyone’s home at Christmas time. I love going for a drive and looking at the home’s that are already for Christmas. I love seeing their Christmas tree shinning through the front windows, and often wonder what it must look like inside. Continue reading

Refreshing the Kitchen

Hello there again, I have some fun hopefully inspiring kitchen vignettes. I know that by looking at other blogs, homes of friends and families I get inspiration to make my home more pleasing, so I hope that I can do this for you. Enjoy!

BeFunky_K up dates.jpg

This vignette is on top of my microwave. I’ve used an old blue and white dish towel with some shoe forms and a very old wooden drawer. I have a bunch of wooden hearts that one of my sons made for me years ago in their shop class that I put out for Valentines.

BeFunky_K update 1.jpg

Here is my spice cabinet, all of my cabinets are from Ikea, I love them they clean up easy and the top ones even light up. On the top of the cabinet I have used some of the smaller pieces that I have of white ironstone, and an old box.

BeFunky_K update 3.jpg

Adding a little dried lavender in an old Ball jar with lace always adds some Romantic Country charm.

BeFunky_K update 2.jpg

The top of my fridge is so huge that I think I could put my whole kitchen on it. LOL A little burlap. baskets, covered boxes, wire baskets, and my cute owl like to hang out there.

BeFunky_K update 4.jpg

Here is my kitchen counter tops. White tile was my choice, I don’t even have to worry about putting a hot pan on it. I don’t have a lot of storage, but my large canisters and jars take that worry away.

BeFunky_K update 5.jpg

I received this darling wire picnic basket as a Christmas gift, it holds pine cones and a burlap feed sac. I made the table runner out of burlap.

BeFunky_K update 6.jpg

I really get a lot of use out of my bar, it’s great for feeding the grand kids, baking, and crafting. I’ll be fixing another eye sore, this time in my kitchen. Hope you enjoyed my changes. Enjoy your day!

((Warm Hugs))