Velvet Pumpkin Patch

Welcome my dear friends and new visitors! Today I am so excited to share with you the great surprise package that was delivered to my house by Fed-ex Saturday morning!


Lidy from French Country Garden blog had notified me that I had won a drawing give a way sponsored by bHome and Plush Pumpkins I didn’t even know that I had entered! lol

 Surprise, surprise! I just remember browsing through Lidy’s lovely blog and checking out the tour and coveting their plush pumpkins and leaving Lidy a comment.  They are Designer pumpkins and so beautifully perfect!  I had been making my own the last few years and using velvet from clothing that I got at charity shops so I was really intrigued to see these beautiful plush pumpkins.

opened boxorange pumpkin

I was so giddy with excitement that I was afraid that I would cut me on the box cutter as I opened the box.  I thought that I would be receiving a couple of little pumpkins so when I saw the huge box and how heavy it was I was completely amazed. They really did not skimp on anything!  This was just like Christmas mornings for me many years ago. lol

acorn nest

There were not just a couple of plush pumpkins but five all together and a darling nest of plush acorns. I decided that they had to take center stage in Shabby Lane Cottage.

tray of pumpkins

I immediately cleared off my white antique farmhouse coffee table and arranged them on a beautiful silver vintage tray. The colors could have not been more perfect for they fit right into my theme. The light from the window catches the gorgeous lush fabric and they look so lovely. This will be one of the first things that visitors will see when they stop by for a visit.

plush pumpkins

The stems are incredible. I love the curly q’s on them so completely Shabby Chic!


These beautiful plush pumpkins are from Plush and they are so well made and the fabric is soooooooo beautiful! Thank you Monya Kampa from Plush for this beautiful gift! Stop by and check out their beautiful website. They have many different colors, sizes and patterns. The link is above. Also if you haven’t browsed through the bHome Fall Tour the link is above at Lidy’s blog, it certainly is inspirational.

cloche of pumpkins

Here are some of the velvet pumpkins that I have made. I love the aqua ones they really add color and are part of neutral color scheme in my cottage.  Who said that you can’t use beach colors in a mountain home. Above are some small ones that I nestled  in a cloche.

narrow box

Adding a few gray velvet pumpkins to the mix adds some wonderful contrast.

purple pumpkin

I always have to add a little glam. It sparkles next to the purple velvet.

bathroom pumpkinsbrown pumpkin

Here is a brown velvet pumpkin with some lace and a shiny button. If you click here you will see a later post that I did on how to make stuffed pumpkins.

crystal pumpkins

tiny pumpkin

This tiny pumpkin is made out of a feed bag so you can literally make them out of any kind of fabric that you want and as for the stems just think outside the box. I have used sticks from out in front of my house, wooden clothes pins and doweling.  I went to a Farmer’s Market awhile back and they gave me all of the pumpkin and squash stems that I wanted for free. They were just happy to have me clean them up. lol

hutch pumpkins

You can embellish them all you want or just keep them plain. They are easy and fun to make.

pink traypumpkin collage

Have a very happy fall and don’t forget to celebrate with gratitude this wonderful season!

xoxo Jo

I will be at these amazing parties this week, come and join me!


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24 thoughts on “Velvet Pumpkin Patch

  1. What a wonderful prize you won!I love velvet pumpkins and just took mine out. I never thought of glaming the up with jewels and must do that this year. I like your presentations on the gourds with the pumpkins on platters. I got so many last year at the end of the season on sale that I must do that presentation on my coffee table. I love the little plush acorns, as well, and never saw them before. I will have to check out the Plush Pumpkin site.
    ps (I just got my new computer with a decent camera. I will see if I can figure it out to send you some pics).


  2. Congratulations! I would say that you won something that is so completely you so it was obviously meant to be. They’re absolutely stunning – as are the ones that you made yourself.


  3. Oh, my goodness! I bet it was like Christmas opening this wonderful box. The pumpkins are gorgeous, but have to admit the little acorns brought a smile to my face. All of your new goodies go so well with your pumpkins. Here’s to Autumn!


  4. Jo, how lucky are you? Those designer pumpkins are heavy and cost big bucks! I have a small set of three and a package of acorns. I found them at NPS the damaged goods sore. The acorns alone were $15 dollars there. That means that they probably sell for about $30. They are perfect in your home and look wonderful mixed with your handmade ones. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


    • Hi Jann, I am so lucky with receiving the beautiful pumpkin set. I figure it’s about $300 in merchandise. Lucky you to find them at NPS. I don’t shop there because my EX is the manager. lol To stressful. So happy that you are doing better. Keep it up!
      xoxo Jo


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