Summer Decor Changes

This has been an amazingly beautiful summer. Living on the side of a beautiful mountain range in the  North Salt Lake (Bountiful) area is a wonderful place to be. I love having the change of the seasons. I think that is what is most appealing to me about living here.

Pink chair.jpg

The other day I was sitting in my big pink chair editing some phones on my laptop. I saw some movement out of the front window. To my utter surprise a huge buck was staring at me through the window! He was so incredibly beautiful. His antlers were huge and they were all in soft velvet. Oh, what a special gift to see him first thing in the morning.

Deer artdeer vignette

I quickly grabbed my skectchbook and a pencil and started to draw this beautiful creature. I haven’t shared any of my art until now. If you would like to see more of my art just comment and I will do a post on it. The art above is done in multiple mediums watercolors, markers, and colored pencils.

That’s what summer is like around Shabby Lane Cottage and every other season as well. I just love it. Having different seasons and holidays is so perfect for me as an Interior Designer and artist because I have the chance to capture each in my home through out the year.

summer wreath

I love to have something beautiful hanging on my front door.  This year I made a pretty blue hydrangea wreath.

white basket

On my back door you are greeted with this sweet basket of white roses and lace.


I love to change out my faux mantle often. A little poor mans silver candlesticks always adds a little sparkle.

French vignettelarge Mary

I love the look of the French Nordic design. It always has to include religious decor. I am part Danish and Swedish I think that is why I am attracted to it. lol

Sofa PillowsPillow sofa

 Switching out my pillow covers into blue tones helps give the summer beach effect I was going for. As you can see I have taken out all of the pink in this room.

Dolphin MugIvoryLady vignetteFlamingoNavy

Here in Utah we will be celebrating our state’s birthday on the 24th of July. So I leave out my patriotic decor all month. This is a little vignette that I came up with to honor my son Adam’s retirement from the Navy after 15 years of service. Congrats big guy! You make mama proud!

crown vignette

I hope that you are all really enjoying your summer. Take time from the busy fast pace of life and enjoy our beautiful world and say thank you God!

Stop by my new blog “Healing Wings” and follow my spiritual journey.

I would love to have you comment! I read them all!


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34 thoughts on “Summer Decor Changes

  1. I love the change of seasons, too. The buck you show and how you painted it is so precious! Glad you are able to see nature in all its glory in your new nest. I love how you have changed out pillow covers and have done the same in my home. Congrats on your son’s 15 yr service and a big thank you to him!
    I am not sure what happened to summer, but I am already thinking about fall décor and look forward to yours!!


    • Hi Phyllis, I have been going through old magazines and Pinterest looking for some inspiration for fall! lol I guess I’m bored or something. lol I’m glad I’m not the only one. But I do love fall. Thank you for your kind words you always uplift me when I seem to second guess myself. Feedback is always a good thing and you always give me plenty of good words. I am so excited to have my son in the states. It has been over 4 years since I have seen him I just can’t wait to give him a big hug and his family. If money wasn’t so tight I would fly right down to San Diego and do that! lol You should take some pics of your house I would love to see them. Maybe if you are comfortable with it you could email me your address and we could send pics back and forth. Just a thought. or do you Facebook?
      Instagram – Anne’s Attic – design
      Join up!
      xoxo Jo


      • Yes, would love to do that- I just had my scalloped picket fence done today around my Cape Cod home, and now have the cottage of my Hallmark dreams, of course, if life was always that perfect, but I know better. I will send you an email to your other address on the other blog if I can find it.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Jo, your cottage is so pretty! I love that you’ve included so many things that mean something to you. Your doors are definitely welcoming.

    Congratulations to your son on his retirement! My son is just entering his service to the Army. He leaves for basic training August 7th. 🙂


    • Hi Stacey, thank you for your kind words. When my son told us that he had enlisted my heart just sank. I physically got ill. Then with a little prayer I received a message that what he was doing would change his life for ever in a wonderful way. Adam was 24 when he joined, older than most and he was married. I knew that I would not see him much but this is one of those sacrifices that a mother makes for her child. There are no words to explain the amazing changes that have made this boy a man. It’s not for all but if a young man is floundering this is a great option. He has always been keep out of harm’s way and that I am so grateful for. Gook luck to your young man and may many angels be with him and teach him. Tell him – Thank You For Serving Our Country it’s a honer!” Have a great day!
      xoxo Jo


  3. How sweet and beautiful the Buck came to your window for inspiration. So beautiful. You should showcase your talented art work for sure. Happy Summer to you too.


    • Thank you Kris! Sometimes I do things and think that they aren’t all that great until someone says a kind word about it. My family has always been complimentary about my art but I’ve not shared it with anyone until now. I guess it’s time to come out of the closest! lol Your home is look so great and that wallpaper . . . beautiful!!!!!!!!!
      xoxo Jo


  4. Aw – what a sweet painting of your curious fellow peeping in your window. He must have been admiring your decor too! Summer is always way too short to suit me so I’m trying to take time to enjoy it more. Unfortunately the weather here has been really rainy and quite a bit cooler than normal so it hasn’t been easy.


    • Hi Mary Anne, it sounds like we need to change places for a while. We haven’t had ran for almost 2 months! But we had a very wet spring. I’m ready for a little cloud coverage. lol Have a wonderful day!
      xoxo Jo


  5. I absolutely LOVE your rendering of the buck with flowers in his antlers. . .just beautiful! Will you be offering this as a print or greeting cards? Please share MORE of your art!


  6. I love the change of seasons too. When asked, I never know which is my favorite, ’cause I love them all. I love the sketch of the buck and would love to see more. You are very talented!


    • Oh, thanks Candy for your kind words. I love art and have really enjoyed doing a lot of it since I am not tending grandchildren so much. Down the road I will be having a giveaway for some of art art. Stay tune!
      xoxo Jo


  7. I didn’t realize you’re an artist, Jo. The whimsical buck is delightful. You should show more of your work. I like the summer changes at Shabby Lane Cottage. Your story of the buck coming to the window reminds me of how the elk and deer would come to our door in Colorado. Sometimes they’re quite fearless. Enjoy your beautiful surroundings. Congratulations to your son! xo


  8. Jo, I love your artwork! Deer and antlers are so popular that I think you could sell it. You should make copies and take it to the vintage store where your booth is. Your wreaths are pretty as are all of your summer touches! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


    • Hi Jann, thank you for your encouragement. I have already been ask to sale a few pieces of art and I am soooo excited! I will be making copies and selling them on Etsy. I know longer have a physical shop. I never thought that I could sale my art. This is so amazing. Have a wonderful weekend.
      xoxo Jo


  9. Jo! I love your sketch of that gorgeous buck!! Would you be willing to make a copy of him for me for a fee? Your artwork is breathtaking! Message me at if you are interested!
    And, congrats to your son on his retirement from the Navy! Tell him thank you for his service! My husband is a former marine and my father was in the Air Force as well as two Uncles, one in the Navy and the other in the Air Force. The military is full of honorable men and women!

    Happy start to your weekend! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


  10. I really enjoyed the tour of your home; I have seen your blog included on some that I follow regularly. I got several good ideas from your pictures. Thank you!


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