Important Christmas Message

Dear followers, I feel so bad that I have not been blogging as of late. Just as I have been feeling better my computer has run into a snag and I have been trying to clear it up. Money is tight this holiday season and to do some repairs on my computer is just not an option for me right now.

But, I do have an alternative for you to join me at my instagram site so you can view my lovely French Romantic Christmas. Here is the link . I hope that you will pop on over and see photos as I share them this Christmas season.

wings with flower

Hope to be back the first of the year with lots to share!

Have an amazing “Holiday Season”!

xx Jo

22 thoughts on “Important Christmas Message

  1. Ahhhh I could just gobble this up as a sweet slice of eye pie… so sorry for your troubles, when it rains, it floods us. I’ve been a medical mess since day one 👶🏼… all the sudden now my insurance that covers a medication I’ve taken for two years, 3 times a day that is being prescribed by my Rhuematologist/ immunologist.. now all the sudden the drug is double the cost and my insurance red flagged me and did an audit because I take 18 different medications that all works together and keeps me alive and I am able to have some quality of life with my regime but now this has me standing out like a sore thumb and since I’m taking this for an “off label” but medically necessary and accepted practice within the protocols of treating me and my illness… which there is no cure nor viable treatment options and shame on blue cross and blue shield for using THE fact there is no documented treatment protocol because there is no
    Cure so basically the meds I take are covered by ins and total $6,700 that they claim they cover for me. Now wouldn’t you know it they stopped covering the most expensive medication this actually helping me and that one is around $2500.00 a month and my co-pay is $60 for a three month supply(90 day) and as a bonus to me I have to get blood work done every month to make sure the medicine is not poisoning me, my kidneys or my liver, they’ve decided any medical testing due to that specific medication will have to be denied and I will have to cover it out-of-pocket. I’m decided that I don’t even want to find out what that cost to do every month so I can certainly sympathize with you and it’s a horrible position to BE in and I’m very sorry.


  2. Jo, I’m not on IG, but I will look forward to your return, same as when you had medical leave. 😉 Enjoy your family through the holidays. And hey, maybe the computer breakdown is Santa’s way of saying, “slow down!” Wishing you the best in 2017. XO
    RIta C at Panoply


  3. I will have to see if I can do instagram on my laptop. I still have a flip phone. I hope you have a wonderful break and holiday season–hope you continue to recover well!!


  4. So sorry to hear Jo! Computer problems are not fun. I look forward to seeing more of you on IG. You will be missed, but look forward to your return in 2017.


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