A Special Merry Christmas!

I want to give a very special Merry Christmas . . . 

and a Happy New Year. This week I am spending time with family baking and enjoying the beautiful Christmas season. I will be back after the New Year.  May all of you have a beautiful Christmas and a very happy New Year I say this from the bottom of my heart.


Merry Christmas from Bountiful, Utah U.S.A. !

xx Jo

27 thoughts on “A Special Merry Christmas!

  1. Merry Christmas dear friend. Enjoy the time with family. Thank you for your gift of friendship and may the new year bring you lots of joy and wonderful new success’s. Hugs.


    • Nancy thank you for the special wishes. This was one of the most memorable Christmases for a very long time. The whole season has been amazing. I have been ask to open my own shop inside of a vintage antique store so I’m pretty excited about that and it will keep my hands very busy for a long time. Happy New Year! luv, Jo


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