I thought that it would be fun to share with you some of my Halloween decor along with  a story that I think is appropriate for telling at this time of year. You decide if its true, maybe this has happened to you! So come along and have a visit if you dare!HalloweenCollage

If you find this a truly scary post then pin it to your Halloween board.

Halloween manikins

Around the first of October I start to put out some of my Halloween decor in between  my Autumn vignettes. I’m still a kid at heart when it comes to livening the house up for each and every holiday. I enjoy the smiles on everyone’s faces as they enter my home. It’s that smile I like that makes them feel like a kid again, or the child that deserves their holidays to be magical.

Halloween hat

If I could turn into a Halloween character for just one evening it would be All Hallows Eve as a witch. I have always been fascinated by them I think it is there magical gifts that fascinate me. They can fly on a broom stick up to the moon, with their cat sitting on the end of it. They have a wonderful cackle that rumbles clear down in the bottom of their stomach, and all the magic powers that you would have would be so fun. Now I don’t have very much evil inside of me so when Hansel and Gretel start gnawing on my house of candy I would snap a lollipop off a tree and tell them to go for it.

~Who would you be? ~

Halloween mouse close

I think that it would be fun to be an Interior Designer for a witch, I could really make their house look amazing I wouldn’t even have to remove the cob webs!

Halloween moon

I truly was in my element at the witches tea last week, and the sister witches are some of the greatest ladies that I have ever meet. Just got to love The Black Hat Society!

Halloween Boo

I would wait for those cute little trick or treaters with the greatest of treats and show them that not all witches are scary just because they may look like it. lol

Halloween sjull

All good witches have a skull right? It just part of the decor, and if it talks back to you that is even better.Halloween teapot

After a moon light ride I would fix a pot of tea and relax by my fire and enjoy the beautiful smells in the air and the laughter of the children as they run here and there collecting their bag of treasures.

Halloween owl

Now I know that we all love vintage decor and a good ghost story, sometimes with a certain piece there is a story behind it. Which makes that piece much more dear to us. Do you ever think about who might have owned this particular piece or how they felt about it? I believe that sometimes there are spirits that are still attached to a piece and have a tendency to want to hang around it, and not move on for one reason or the other. Well, now I am really putting myself out there, and yes I’m a little odd but we all are in our own way right? Say yes, I will feel better. lol Thank you.

Halloween crow

I was born with the sight. You know the kind that you get to see people who have passed on. As I have gotten old more mature my gift has gotten sharper. Now I don’t see this sort of thing all the time like in the movies, it seems to be for a reason when I do, and sometimes it will startle me because I am not expecting it.

Halloween chest

I know that many of you who have followed my blog for a while remembers seeing this beautiful child’s size antique chest in my bedroom. This is a family heirloom and was made around 1875. About three years ago in a different home I was living in at the time I used the chest as a night stand right by my bed. One night I got in bed, read for a while then shut off the light and rolled over in bed to go to sleep. I hadn’t been a sleep more than 10 to 15 minutes when I heard some giggling and felt someone standing next to my bed.  I rolled over and saw a small girl about the age of four or five looking at herself in the mirror giggling. I don’t min spirits hanging out but when they wake me I get a little perturbed. After she had a long good look in the mirror she turned around and skipped down the hall.

This happened two more nights in a row. Finally I was tired of her playing around during my precious sleep time so it was time to confront the little girl. Have you ever confronted a ghost before? What do you say? I said “go away and don’t come back”. (She was really starting to freak me out about the third night). Then I got up and turned on the hall light, and I have never seen her again. I sleep with a small light on in the hallway so I can get some sleep. Spirits don’t seem to come around when there is light.  When a child says I need a light on I’m scared of the dark, they probably have their reasons. Small sweet children see much more than we adults do. I have heard some of my grands stories so believe them. Most spirits are not here to hurt or scare us they just want companionship and for some reason some of them do not know how to go home or don’t want to. So be kind to them if you happen to meet up with one when you bring home a new vintage or antique item one night. lol

Have a happy and safe Halloween! Enjoy!

Hugs, Jo

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24 thoughts on “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

  1. How interesting, Jo!! I think my mother had your gift (that’s what I’d call it). I know a dealer who will not purchase old mirrors, as she is very frightened of the possibilities of the reflections from the past. Perhaps having the gift of sight is her basis, and considers it more a curse, I don’t know.
    Enjoy your last weekend of October.


    • Hi Rita, thank you for telling me that story. I certainly understand how frightening it can be sometimes especially if you don’t understand it. But most the time it truly is a spiritual experience for me. Have a great weekend. Jo


  2. Jo I enjoyed this post read amd your vignettes are spooktacular. Have you ever watched the movie Practical Magic? Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. I love it and I watch it every October.
    I’ve had a few visitors – but all family or friends to let me know they are at peace. I have been told that when a ghost appears just ask them what they want… You are right kids have a closer connection to the otherworldly as do cats and dogs.
    Wishing you a perfectly bewitching Halloween. BOO!


    • Hi Vera, I love Practical Magic to it’s one of my favorites, as well as The 6th sense. This little girl was very interesting, it’s like she didn’t really know that I was there, she was so infatuated with mirror. The only thing that I can think of is that she was attached to it some how. In the home that I was living in at the time there was a conduit of some sorts and we had many visitors, they all appeared in the hall upstairs and down. It’s pretty freaky when you are woken and see them staring at you. I don’t mind family, friends, and Angels but some can get pretty weird. Nice to know that we have that in common. Don’t know many people that do and most who don’t think I’m a little up in the night. lol Have a great weekend. Hugs, Jo


  3. Hi Jo. Love all your spookiness and anything that is witchy is right with me. About two days after my mom passed away I had a dream. It was just of her face and she was talking directly to me. She said not to worry that she is OK and there are no more lumps and bumps on her! That was it and I woke up feeling very peaceful. I have waited for the dream to come back when losing other loved ones but it never did. I am a believer and a great follower of ghost stories..Happy Halloween to you..Judy


    • Same dream happened to me when my mom and dad passed in 1997. They first appeared in dream I had in which they were together, and they were about to walk out a sliding patio door in the townhouse I was living in at the time onto a big green field, but before they left, I realized they were dead and I kept telling my mom I loved her and to come back. She replied, “Don’t worry; I know how to come back” and they walked off into the field together. Then her face just appeared to me and gave me a feeling of pure love like I never felt, and she was smiling, and I told her I loved her and that she would always be in my heart. I woke up just feeling her love and very peaceful, too. Not long after, I had a dream in which she was sitting in a chair, and just said, “No more pain; it’s like a miracle.”
      I had a Mother Mary visitation that was when I was in a just- before- waking stage, but I’ll save that for another Halloween or maybe tomorrow if we are sharing stories.


      • Hi Philomena, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story. Don’t you just love the pure love that comes from the dearly departed. I have felt that many times and it’s truly is a blessing. It’s very interesting how a good amount of my followers have had beautiful experiences like ours and we all come together in one place. Kindred Spirits. Hugs, Jo


  4. A sweet story…I did have an encounter with a ghost and it was very traumatic for me when I was young. Frightened the crap out of me, and he never came back either. I do love ghost stores and I feel their souls are somehow lost which is so sad.


  5. I don’t decorate for Halloween (beyond a little crow and a wee fuzzy spider) so it was fun to see your pretties. As for the ghost thing – oh yes, I can identify with it. The most vivid remembrance I have is the night that my father-in-law died. I awoke in the wee small hours of the morning to see him standing at the foot of our bed and knew that he had passed. I then lay there and waited for the phone to ring, which it did about an hour later. My sisters-in-law all thought I was crazy when I told them what happened (truthfully I think they were jealous that he didn’t come to any of them). My FIL and I had a special relationship so I think that’s why he came to me.


    • Mary Anne, thank you for sharing your story! That’s what I have found that those who have not had these experiences are just frustrated because they have not had the experience. I to have had my passed FIL come to me with his passed family and I received a lot of slack about it. Oh well it was my experience and know one can take that from me. Some day all will understand. Jo


  6. Very interesting…. I worked and had a shop at the Volo Antique Mall, Volo Illinois for 10 years…and I have a bunch of stories from being there. Seems we had a resident ghost that was familial…and repetive that was harmless, but continued to keep an eye on things in a custodial way. And then there was an older spirit, possibly connected to a cemetery across the road. Now and then spirits seemed to come and go with items…and a playful child spirit, who wandered among the antique booths, could be heard scampering on the upper floors…and arranged toys on floor and books. Electrical malfunctions were common. My manager just posted footage of items flying off the holding shelves taken in the middle of the day by the security cameras last week.

    Do I believe in ghosts?…logically no, however—when you see and feel and hear—things like this happening…you can’t help but be intrigued. Thanks for your article…grins. Sandi


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