My Cup Run-nth Over! LOL

Sometimes life just gets out of control, and it’s hard to keep your head above water. That’s where I am at right now.  Hanging on by my fingernails.

New mantle violin

It is necessary for me to take a break from the computer. No posts, no linky parties. I love blogging and all of my dear blogging friends, and I will miss you. Life has just become to over whelming for me right now and my health is giving me fits. I’m the kind of soul that I do it right or take a break and that’s what I am doing with my blogging. I will be back  in a few weeks, before the holidays so I can share with you my Romantic Christmas decor. Until then take care and don’t forget me.

I will miss you all and I will try to check out the blogs that I follow.

Have a lovely week.

Hugs, Jo

58 thoughts on “My Cup Run-nth Over! LOL

  1. Oh Jo I am sending my hopes and prayers all will return for you into a healthful balance very soon. You have me concerned and I will hold you in my heart and prayers.


    • Sweet Vera, I have so enjoyed our blogging friendship. Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers. Meditation is something that I will be putting back into my life style. I don’t know why but when life gets crazy I seem to forget the important things to make my body, soul, and mind well. Love you Jo


  2. Your body tells you when you need to take a break, so I am glad you are listening to it My husband did not and now I am typing this from his hospital room this evening! So glad you are listening to yours. You will be back refreshed and with a plan that works for you. Deep breaths and meditation-peace be with you…..


  3. Hi Jo,
    Breaks are a good thing. We will all be here when you come back to blogging. Please know I care about you and hope things will calm down soon. Life sometimes can take us in hard directions.
    Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and please know I am here for you.


  4. I could never forget you, sweet friend. I think you are wise to take a break and I am planning on doing the same after the Tea Cup and Mug Exchange link-up. I am simply exhausted and can’t seem to catch up with life.

    Please take care of yourself, dear Jo. If you feel like “chatting” you have my email address. Love to you!


  5. You will be missed! There are just times when we need to place our focus elsewhere! May you be blessed and regain your health! May you find joy and moments of pure delight as you take this break. If you read my blog post from last Friday, you can believe that I know what you mean about needed some time! Many blessings, Cindy


  6. I hope your health improves…for yourself and your kids and your precious grandkids!! You are very brave and honest when saying you need a break…MORE people should do the same for their sanity!! God be with you and reward you with uncountable blessings!!
    I won’t forget you – you’re too important to do that!! Mare


  7. Jo, so sorry to hear this! I will keep you in my prayers sweet friend!! You will be missed. Let me know whether or not you think you can join the ‘Creating Christmas’ party. It’s going to run the 2nd week in Dec.


  8. Jo– I think we all get overwhelmed with life sometimes…. Blogging is the first thing that needs to slide to the back. I hope things get calm and you can catch your breath…


  9. Good for you, Jo! You’re smart to take care of yourself, to make that a priority. You’re in my thoughts and prayers, and I look forward to what you share in the future. Hugs, Nancy


  10. Everyone needs a break now and again. We’ll all still be here when you return…just take it easy and rest! I’m having some health issues too so I understand. If I were closer, I’d make a pot of tea for you and then you could wrap up in a soft quilt and take a long nap.



  11. Jo, my sweet friend, I’m just getting around to reading and catching up on blogs and emails as I once again fly home on a long flight. I must say, I will greatly miss you blog posts but those will always be here as well as I when you’re reading to return to the blogging world. But to be honest, I’m so happy you are able to listen to your soul and know what you, as a person, really need at this time. Take all the precious time you need to recover, relax, and center your spirit. As you already know, I’m so unpredictable about when I blog and half of that is due in part to me just living life, real life. Please, please, please know that I am just around the corner (Ok, maybe a 20-30 minute corner) but I will be there in a heart beat whenever and if you need a friend to lean on. Much love to you.


    • I wish that I could help you. Try unsubscribing from my blog and then resubscribe. I have only come up with this once and it was on someones else s blog. So I unsubscribed and it seemed to stop it. It is on your side of the computer. Hope that this works for you. Jo


  12. I understand….I have to take a blog break from time to time especially when homeschooling becomes overwhelming! Take care of yourself. In the meantime, I’ll entertain myself by reading some of your older posts since I’m new over here!


  13. Hi Joanne! Blessings as you take time for retreat and renewal. I understand overwhelm. I posted on the Teacup Exchange Reveal today at Enchanting Rose and am thinking of you. May you find rest with a cuppa tea today. I look forward to your Romantic Christmas ideas!!!
    Thinking of you!


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