Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson: Meet and Greet Party

 Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson: Meet and Greet Party. I was so thrilled to be able to attend Jann’s blogging party, and then share about me on her linky Meet and Greet party. Jann is even more amazing in person, and TALENTED! Her home is full of lovely vignettes and beautiful chippy furniture. It is all so very carefully curated. I will be doing a separate post on the party later in the week, and show you some pictures of her home!

jo welcome 2

Here is a little bit about me. First of all my name is Joanne Ellen Boulter. I have always been called Jo by most of my loved ones so I thought that for the ease of blogging I would use Jo. I have always like the Anne (Annie) and wished that I had been named that, I have a great aunt by that name who is an identical twin to my great grandmother (Twins do run in the family). I am 5′ 8″ in height, and never mind the weight. lol  Blonde hair and blue eyes. As a young child I leaved in many towns as my father was finishing up his education, they were Murray UT, Cedar City UT, Alexandria VA, Parowan UT, Orem UT, West Jordan UT , St. George UT, and then we finally landed on a small horse ranch in South Jordan UT. I graduated from Bingham High School in 1972. Then married in 1973. We had four children. Candice, Adam, Dane, Nathan. They all graduated from Bingham High School as well. They are all married and have families of their own and live all over the world. I have 11 grandchildren, one sweet grand lives with our Heavenly Father. They are such a joy to me. If I knew that having grandchildren was going to be this great I would have had them first! lol


My grandfather gave this beautiful cameo to his sweetheart (my grandmother) when they were dating. She is an identical twin and I think he gave it to her to tell them apart. lol He said he always knew which one was his.

I grew up showing horses. It was a lot of work. Because there was four children Dad saw to it that we all had the chance to do everything with the horses. Dad was very hands on. I not only learned to ride horse like a pro (because we competed against the pros and Dad always thought that a lovely young women took the eye of a judge than a man, he did all of the training) but helped with cleaning stalls, (YUCK) building fences, and barns, washing horses, feeding and watering them, working them out, polishing tac, keeping the barn clean and pulling weeds. I even helped Dad stitch up my horse one evening because she had torn the hide off of her chest and it was dangling there, I was ready to go to a meeting and was in a dress, but it was my horse and I had the responsibility to help. So I held the horse and the twitch on her nose while Dad stitched her up. She never had a scare out of 50 something stitches, Dad was amazing. I did make it to my meeting.

Miss Blue Cactus

This is the mare that I rode most of the time. Her name was Miss Blue Cactus. We called her Missy. She gave us 10 fouls, all grand-champions. She was so amazingly trained. Above shows me with Missy after winning a Western Pleasure class in Logan UT, there were 50 in the class. I was 18.

Signs home

My Mother taught me so much as well, she was also a very hands on Mom. As children we helped her in the yard. Her house was hers and she enjoyed making it beautiful. I never made a bed until I got married because Mom enjoyed doing these things. When we would be out riding she would close the blinds in the house so she wouldn’t see us fall or get hurt, and that happened every once in a while. Yup, spills off of a horse was common. I broke my tail bone from one fall. Mom’s decor was always Early American, I grew up with a great respect for interior design. This is where I learned to really love decorating an inviting beautiful home.

Dining area

Dining area

Interior design is who I am. I love to create things that are beautiful and inviting to others. Years ago I decorated my first home in a Spanish theme. This is really dating me, but yes in the 70’s this look was huge. Red and black were the colors. I can’t believe I did that. The kitchen was in yellows and had harvest gold appliances! Later in the home that I raised my children in I had Americana design, then after moving to a new home that we built,  I decorated it like a cabin. It was really lovely. How I wish that I had pictures. Then after my divorce I wanted to do something that reflected me, with all of the testosterone (it dripped from the walls) in my home I wanted something a little more feminine, and growing up out to the barn – well nothing was ruffly in my life. So I sold all of my decor or gave it away and started over. All of what I bought was vintage or antique pieces.I  Lots and lots of painted furniture, I was queen of the paint brush and really enjoyed it, and still do.

head board 5

So I started to add lace, flowers, ruffles and lots of chippy painted furniture to my decor.  I gave my new look the name of Romantic Farmhouse.  I got my first laptop and started to research this type of design and found out that it actually had a name! Shabby Chic! I thought that I had discovered something new. lol  So I followed Rachael Ashwell and her Shabby Chic design like a hawk. Then I found two magazines that had my style in it, Romantic Homes, and Romantic Country. I was in business. I poured over magazines, books and the internet like a crazy women. I was in love. It spoke to my heart.

wall paper romantic

I was the lace and ruffle queen. But as I surveyed my home I thought that it had become so feminine that it made me uncomfortable. What to do? Then I found Jeanne d’Arc living. This design is what was missing in my home. Adding French Nordic design to Shabby Chic gave me a Romantic Farmhouse look that I love, yes, this one is a keeper – at least while I am single, who know knows I may get the chance to do a little something different. I will always have a chippy, vintage look, with soft lovely fabrics, it just speaks to my heart.

1st give away

Well, this is just a touch that makes me tick. Come over and visit often, I will always have something new to offer in the Romantic Farmhouse design.

Go over and see Jann’s wonderful blog and the meet and greet.

Enjoy your day!

Signature blue

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36 thoughts on “Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson: Meet and Greet Party

  1. Hi Jo,
    Thanks so much for stopping by, I just realized that my link up was supposed to be about me not my stuff. What a story about the dishes, oh my! Thanks for sharing that memory with me.
    Have a glorious July 4th week!


  2. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading about you Jo, or should I say Anne? 🙂 I think we are the same age as I too graduated HS in ’72, another lifetime ago! Yikes!!

    I related so much to what you said about the testosterone decor (definitely what I had/have in our log cabin…but it’s getting better) and your love for shabby chic without TOO many frills speaks to my heart too.

    I’m so glad you stopped by and I’m following via email now.


  3. How fun to grow up around horses! I have always loved them and went horse back riding as a young adult. I always wanted to be more up close and personal but was also a little scared of them! I love your decorating style and how fun that you can do your whole house like that. I live with my son and husband so I only have frilly here and there. It was so fun to get to know more about you. Great picture of you on your horse! What a keepsake!


  4. Thanks for sharing your evolution in decorating; it is always fun to see how our tastes evolve. I remember the 70’s Spanish style, as well as the velvet paintings! You look like such a glam girl on that horsie–love it! Looking forward to the photos of Jann’s home–happy upcoming 4th!


  5. What a lovely little history of your family! I enjoyed reading about you and your family. My daughter has always been crazy about horses and I can totally identify with your Mom about closing the curtains not to see her beloved children fall and get hurt. Wish I would have thought of that, lol! I love your romantic style and I am sure it is a joy to be around all your pretties in person. Have a great day!


  6. I loved reading this, and learning more about you Jo! Your home is the perfect reflection of YOU, sweet, kind, beautiful and a little romantic and ruffly. xo Lidy


  7. Hi Jo! Oh,how I loved reading all about your life!! I love the part of the horses!! You are one amazing lady and I love your decor! Thanks for sharing on Idea Box!!


  8. Jo,
    I loved learning more about you, I am smiling from your descriptive words. I too love, adore horses and years ago used to ride them. I am heart warmed to know you named one of your children Dane. My son Chris was Christopher Dane and my cutie pie Grand who turns 13 end of July is named Dane. We discover the nicest things about each other sharing on our blogs.


    • Thank you Vera for your kind comment. IO fell in love with the name Dane from the Thorn Birds. I was pregnant with him at the time and new this would be the perfect name for a very strong boy that was kicking me to pieces. It was. I love finding out the things that we have in common with each other. Hey, blogging! Hugs, Jo


  9. Loved reading about “Jo” and your love, and your family’s love of horses…I think if I was your mom I would close the blinds too!….Sounds like you truly enjoyed your childhood thanks to some pretty great parents….who gave you the love of horses and design!


  10. Jo, even though I got to meet you, I did not get a chance to learn nearly enough about you! lol! Could it be because I did all of the talking? I knew we were close to the same age, but wow girl I graduated in 71 and got married in 72. You were just a year behind me. Love that you grew up around horses. I always wished I had and wished I had lived on a farm as well. My father passing away when I was only 9 months old and leaving mom with 8 children, the oldest being 17 changed her world drastically. She had to go to work and one of my brothers took care of us three little ones. 3, 1, and 9 months. Can you imagine? I love your home and you are such a talented, sweet, and generous woman! So glad to have met you as a blog friend and now I can actually call you a ‘REAL’ friend! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story with the ‘meet and greet’!


    • Jann you are an amazing friend. I feel so grateful that we have been brought together. Bless you mother’s heart, what a wonderful women. I had an amazing childhood, I guess that is why I have been tested so much being an adult. But hey that’s why I’m here, to learn as much about life as I can. Watch for my next post, it’s for you. Hugs, Jo


  11. Jo, I so enjoyed this post and getting to know you better because of it! I really appreciate your visits to my blog, and I’ve now signed up via email so as not to miss any future posts of yours to come. The meet and greet Jann had was such a great idea, and it’s no doubt the in-person time was a real treat for all of you. I look forward to sharing more with you in our vintage ventures – and life, in general. 🙂 Have a great weekend.
    Rita C at Panoply


  12. What a lovely post, Jo. I so enjoyed reading about your background with horses. It’s true; your “new” style is not the least bit rustic or “horsey,” so I never would have guessed. It’s such a joy to really discover the style that reflects who you are in a particular season of your life. I love your Romantic Farmhouse look so much!


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