Vintage Planter Restored

Good day to you all. I just love to find a vintage piece that speaks to me and then take the time to lovingly restore it, either to its natural beauty or up dating it to fit my Romantic Farmhouse style. I have a very lovely piece that I want to share with you today.

Collage bucket

My mother was given this wooden planter from her parents for her birthday years ago. I just remember growing up with it as a very young girl. Mom kept her knitting in it.

I for got to take a before picture. So sorry! lol

I for got to take a before picture. So sorry! lol

When I was spending the Memorial Day weekend with my mom I spied this in her office. I couldn’t believe that she still had it, I thought that when she and dad moved from their horse ranch that she had gotten rid of it. It was empty and just sitting alone in a corner. I ask if I could take it home with me and she was happy to give to me. (SMILES)

I knew just what I was going to do with it. Paint it white of course!

bucket white

I painted it with white chalk paint then added some ivory around the middle, with a little distressing it looked perfect to me. Since then I have painted a very light aqua around the bands of the bucket to add some color. Sorry I don’t have a picture of that.


I have tried different types of flower arrangements in it and even tried adding my sewing, but for now I think I like the white flowers the best.

bucket full

If I had a patio or a porch I would put it out there, but being that it is a family heirloom I want to protect it.

My Mother and I

My Mother and I on Memorial Day weekend.

bucket Lori

My sister Lori and I on Memorial Day weekend.

I was really excited to show my mom and my sister what I had done with the planter. They came over one day to go to lunch. (Now I have to say first that my sister and I have never  had a fight in our whole life, and I would never hurt her feelings for the world). So when my sis saw the planter she burst out in tears and said “Mom you said that I could have that”. I felt so awful and told her to take it home with her. She said no she didn’t want it painted white then ran for the bathroom. Mom said that she had forgotten, but didn’t seem to upset about it. I guess it was supposed to come to my house.   Mom is 85 now and I told her she better start to put names on things that she wants family to have, then there are no issues.

bucket shutters

I just wanted to show you a couple of other pieces that I will be refinishing, and no these are not family heirlooms. I found this pair of shutters at my favorite junk store Lost and Found and I can’t wait to show you what I’m going to do with them. I am just waiting on the chalk paint to come.

bucket mirror

Then I found this great old mirror. I want to distress the mirror it’s self and refinish the frame, but I’m not sure where it will go right now.

Well, that is it for now! I hope that everyone has an amazing weekend, and if you have some projects going on I would love to hear about them.

Signature blue

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47 thoughts on “Vintage Planter Restored

  1. Jo, what a great treasure! Sorry for you sis, but I do love it painted white. Large shutters have been on my to find list. I’ve actually found them twice, but both times didn’t have room to bring them home and they were far away. : ( Love them and the mirror! Can’t wait to see them after you work your magic! Thanks for sharing with SYC. Could you please give me your address? I had it, but can’t find it. UGH! Getting old is not always good! lol!


    • Jann I bought the small set at my favorite junk store, and the big white ones at the D.I.. I would certainly look around for some more if you would like and I could bring them down when I come. I will email you my address. Have a mighty fine weekend. Hugs, Jo


  2. Dear Anne – first of all thanks for all the sweet comments you´ve left at my blog,sorry I am a little bit late to reply!
    Your blog is lovely,and I must admit I am laughing a little bit when I read this.So sad your sister thought she was getting it,but then again – it became perfect in white with you!!!!
    Wonderful to have this item so filled with childhood memory in your home!
    And those shutters…wow!!!! Love them,so easy to put everywhere and will lok smashing :)))
    Isn´t finding treasures and transforming them just a kick????
    Happy weekend!
    Tovehugs 🙂


    • Toves I am so happy that you visited! I loved your wonderful comment and I certainly enjoy your blog. I would love to have you follow mine by email, I would like to get to know you better. Have an amazing weekend! Jo


  3. The planter is so pretty in the whites you have painted it! It can be used in so many ways, too, from planter to storage in the off-season. It can even be a little side table if a temporary top is placed on it. Right now it is so pretty as a planter with your flower choices! Sorry to hear about your sister-perhaps you can find her a similar one on E-bay. I just saw several similar ones with legs, and one that looked very similar that was termed a “sugar bucket” but had no legs. However, I am sure she wanted your mom’s for its sentimental value.
    As for my own projects, I have been stocking up on chalk paint whenever I get a 55% off coupon from my AC Moore Daily Deals, hoping to get to my bedroom dresser and numerous other projects-in-waiting.


  4. I had a three legged wooden bucket similar to that when we were first married. I think I got it with Green Stamps. Does that “date” me? I loved it but when our babies began arriving it was a problem when they tried to pull themselves up on it. It is humorous to me that you are going to “distress” your mirror. I bought a large oval mirror many years ago. Got it at a bargain price because the mirror was so old it was already naturally “distressed” but the wooden frame was beautiful. When I told a friend I was going to have a new mirror put in the beautiful old frame she threw a fit and said I would ruin the beauty of the age of the mirror! It still hangs over our stairs today in all its distress and I still get compliments on it. Just had to share that story. I enjoy your blog.


      • I have followed your blog by email for several months and read every one. I read blogs on my iPad and it is not as handy to write a reply typing with one finger; however, some times the subject of your blog hits a sweet personal note and it is fun to make a comment.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Love what you did with your Mom’s planter bucket. Enjoyed the photos of you and Mom and you and your sister. mentioning your sister I hope she realizes it’s in your home and now where it belongs.


  6. I’m so sorry your sister was upset, but perhaps she will grow to love it painted. I think you were very right to suggest to your mom that she mark each item with who is to get it so that there’s no hurt feelings down the road. I guess I’m lucky that I was an only child and ended up with it all – good and bad.


  7. Me think you are going to be a busy, busy girl Jo! I do love that planter painted white. I have two sisters too and four daughters, so I know the dance your mom has to do to keep everybody happy :)))
    Have a wonderful week!


  8. I love that piece that was turned into a planter! Looks like you’ve got several projects waiting in the wings too. Looking forward to seeing them transformed!


  9. Gosh it is a great treasure, but I feel bad for your sister. I remember that happened to me, Mom had a gorgeous old wood table with the best claw foot feet. She gave it to my sister and I was so hurt! But heck life moves on, and who wouldn’t want it painted white? Love it and love what you did with it. I could see yarn balls inside it!


  10. Oops, about the sister thing, but that does happen every now and again. Hope she was okay the rest of the day! You did a nice job on the redo, I’m sure you are enjoying it! Have fun refinishing the other ‘non-family’ pieces! Blessings, Cindy


  11. SO pretty, I just love what you did with this. The color is just perfect. I have sisters and we don’t fight either, but sometimes unintentional things do happen. I bet it just means there is something better in store for your sis. 🙂


    • Kim thank you for visiting and leaving such a sweet comment. My Sis has many things that from my parents because she leaves close to them and house a much larger home. I think it was just a little shock to see it at my house and painted white. I would love to have you follow by email. Have a lovely evening. Jo


  12. I love your transformation, and it makes a perfect flower container. I’m so sorry to hear about the misunderstanding with your sister; it was really kind of you to offer it to her anyway. Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.


  13. Oh no, I am so sorry about your sister! I hope all is well now…. The planter looks stunning painted white, sweet friend. Thanks for sharing this with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs and blessings!


  14. Love how you updated your Mom’s bucket. it looks fabulous. I picked up about 8 sets of shutters last month. My neighbor put them out and I bought them in. Not sure when I will get to them or what I am making yet. Can’t wait to see what you do, it might inspire me.


    • Hey for you Beverly on the shutters. Sometimes I buy some junk and then just look at it to give me the inspiration I need. I am going to use them totally different than what I was going to. That’s why I wait. Hopefully I can show you soon. Jo


  15. Your pretty planter caught my eye at the Before and After Wednesday Party – so pretty and even better that it has sentimental value. Oh I totally understand the situation with your Sister – been there, done that, wearing the t-shirt! LOL When Mom moved into an extended care facility there were five of us for her to pass things onto. Hope your sister is feeling better about it now and your Mom writes down her wishes for things.


    • I think that my Sis was just taken off guard. She has many, many lovely things that were my parents. In fact her whole from room is full. She lives close to them and I don’t and she has a huge home and I don’t. So one little thing won’t hurt. Thanks for your sweet comment. Have a wonderful weekend. Jo


      • Thank you Marie for your comment. I think that we all took a good lesson from this, and sis is fine. I’m so glad to have you visit. I invite you to follow by email. Enjoy your day. Jo


  16. I have the same barrel, but mine is orginal redwood stain on it. It was my Grandparents. They stored wool for mending in it. It sits in my living room where I can see it every day. Do you happen to know what the barrel held originally?


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