Bringing Spring Indoors!

Welcome, welcome my dear blogging friends! The sun is shinning the sky is blue and there are buds blooming on the trees. Can anything be more gorgeous!

To me, there is a simply enchanting atmosphere in my home when I have flowers about. The beauty and the fragrance of flowers is incredible. This may sound funny but it makes me even feel pretty!

BeFunky_flowers 0.jpg

I gave myself a budget of $20.00 and went to the flower store. I ended up spending $12.00 and some change. Here are my beautiful results.

BeFunky_flowers 1.jpg

What I found out was I don’t need to spend a lot of money to have lovely flowers in my home. I got four bunches of tulips for $1.99 a bunch in the managers sale basket, and they lasted a week so far!

BeFunky_flowers 2.jpg

I love using my Ball jars for vases. The green looks so Springy don’t you think? Have you gotten your new purple Ball jars yet? I just received mine and they are gorgeous.

BeFunky_flowers 3.jpg

I love these lovely white tulips, they are so delicate.

BeFunky_flowers 4.jpg

This sweet bunch of flowers were only $1.99! They are so sweet and they last a long time, changing the water every day keeps them fresh.

BeFunky_flowers window.jpg

These darling wax flowers are sweet by themselves or mixed in with other flower bouquets. A simple white piece of lace fabric completes it.

BeFunky_flowers tulip.jpg

I like these little vases with the one tulip for the simplicity. It doesn’t really take much at all to put lovely flowers in a jar or vase to make your home look and smell beautiful. I always cut the ends off of the flower before I put them in a vase.

Flowers collage

It won’t be long now before I can bring flowers in from the yard and enjoy them. What are you doing to enjoy Spring flowers in your home?

Enjoy your day!



20 thoughts on “Bringing Spring Indoors!

  1. Love your spring flowers Jo. It is 65 here today and I would love to see flowers in the yard. A little too early to see my tulips popping their heads up. Hopefully in another month. It is nice to have these above normal temps. Loving it while it lasts.


  2. It is amazing the power of a flower to brighten a room and make you smile. Yours are lovely, money well spent.


  3. Jo, Spring blossoms and flowers do the same for me! You bought some beauties and I love how you’ve displayed them. I can’t wait until my Weeping Crabapple blooms. It’s full of buds and lots of branches are touching the ground. Just waiting to be pruned and brought indoors.


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