Paper Garlands from Old Books

It is yet another great day in blog land and I am so glad that you are visiting! I want to share with you today how I made some paper garlands and paper wreath out of old books.

BeFunky_chains helpers.jpg

I really had a lot of help making the garlands and wreath. My three-year old grand-daughter loves to crinkle the old pages.


I used two different books, this one is an old paper back and the pages were very brittle so I had to be careful with the crinkle process. I really liked the patina on the edges. I tore out the sheets . . .

BeFunky_chanins flod.jpg

. . . I turned up the page about one-third to make a square, I didn’t crease it because it gives it a lovely fullness when you string it.

BeFunky_chains thread.jpg

After I folded the pages I crinkled them to give the page some texture. I threaded some twine on a large hole needle and strung the pages on. Be sure to measure how long your area is. I knotted each end with a loop to hang it.

BeFunky_chain sink.jpg

This garland was measured to fit above my sink. They are pretty heavy so I used nails to hang them.

BeFunky_chain window.jpg

Here it hangs above my window. I love the color and texture, it’s fun to use instead of a valance of fabric.

BeFunky_chain book case.jpg

This paper garland I used a large book and it was a little lighter in color, which is what I wanted for this room. Fun, fun!

BeFunky_chain hutch.jpg

Here is one that I made for my hutch.

BeFunky_chain wreath.jpg

The wreath was really easy. I used a wire hanger and threaded the folded pages on them then added a rag bow. So easy and didn’t cost me a penny.

chains collage

Have an amazing day!



12 thoughts on “Paper Garlands from Old Books

  1. You garlands are really nice and so full. I love how they look in other people’s homes, but never made one for mine. Great job and good that you have some little helpers … they are so cute.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures


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