Valentine Garland and Streamers

Welcome to all my dear friends! I have several new friends following and I’m so glad that you have come!

BeFunky_Love lavender.jpg

I thought that I would show some of the Valentines projects that I have been working on, so here we go.

BeFunky_C table glitter.jpg

I was really excited for this new project because I got to use my stash of German Glass Glitter. It is so fun to work with it really make your projects look divine.

BeFunky_Love letter.jpg

My choice was the word love. I didn’t have any stencils so I free handed them, on and old gift box. With the help of a paper punch I think that they turned out nicely.

BeFunky_Love making.jpg

Using German Glass glitter I soon found that gloves are a must, it can cut you. I applied a small amount of glue a little at a time with a sponge paint brush and then sprinkled the glitter on with a spoon. I let it dry about an hour before I started to thread the string on it for hanging.

BeFunky_Love no backing.jpg

After I hung it I was disappointed that the letters didn’t show up as good as I would have liked. l thought well maybe I should have used gold glitter. But I wanted the silver touch. So here is what I did.

BeFunky_Love 1.jpg

I cut an oval out of scrape book paper and it really made the letters sing. The pictures just do not give the beautiful patina that the letters have. Sorry I wish it showed better. I can’t wait to see the silver tarnish some, to give it that antique look.

BeFunky_Love hanging streamers.jpg

Here is a fun little garland project that I did with my Grandchildren. We first cut out hearts from old tissue paper, there was lots left after Christmas time.

BeFunky_Love heart streamers.jpg

I sewed 2 hearts together on my sewing machine at a time, then pulled out some thread and sewed more. Of course the length is up to you and where to hang them. The Grandchildren knew right where.

BeFunky_Love streamers 1.jpg

On the doors . . .

BeFunky_Love streamers.jpg

and hanging from the ceilings. I think that if I would have let them they would be hanging from the rafters of the house. It was a fun easy project that we enjoyed doing together.

I hope that I gave you a little inspiration to craft and decorate for Valentine’s Day. I will be showing you a few more in later posts.

What Valentines day craft projects have you been working on, I would love to hear back!



16 thoughts on “Valentine Garland and Streamers

  1. Jo,
    I love your LOVE banner. How cute it that. Love your heart garland too. I need to get moving on some valentine decor too. Great inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your ahead of me on Valentine decorating…I love the glittered letters, I don’t work with it much since I seem to get it over me more than what I am working on. Also love the hearts down the doors and walls. Simple decorating is what I do right after the chaos of the holidays! Have a great day!


  3. I love German glass glitter and I know just how gorgeous these letters turned out! Love the way you punched them! Cute grands having fun with hearts, how fun is that? Today 4 of my friends came over and we decorated 20 LOVE bingo cards as favors for a party we are hosting a week from Mon.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Your LOVE banner is just gorgeous, Jo, and so uniquely yours because you designed the letters as well. I’m very inspired, and I pinned it for next year 🙂 Thanks so much for joining the Craft Challenge Creative Link Party!


  5. awesome! love the way you highlighted the love to make it stand out and the streamers are wonderful! So fun you let the grands hang them wherever they wanted 🙂 Thanks for linking to our Creative Craft Challenge Upcycle party! Congrats as well since your craftiness will be featured this week! woot! dance time 🙂


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