Fireplace mantle redo. Sparkle! Sparkle!

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Have you ever woke up in the morning and looked around your home and something just didn’t feel right, like some things were out-of-place? I did this a few days ago. My first thought was “I really want a grand house that is beautiful and new and all of my decorating just seems to fall in place.” But that’s just not going to happen anytime soon. Time to reveal a secret.

I live in a darling basement apartment that I rent from my son and his wife, this is perfect for me right now. In the past I have had beautiful homes and it was easier to decorate them, but with this one I have to use a lot more ingenuity, and creativeness. Which is really good for the ole brain. LOL

I walked out of my bedroom that morning and was staring straight at my fireplace. “Yup! I feel a change coming.” I needed to tame the mantel down, it is not a huge one so I needed to simplify it some how. The first things that I did was strip the whole mantle of all it’s pretty’s.

BeFunky_e mantle over.jpg

Usually when I redo a vignette I steal from the other ones so it takes some time. I have a lovely white framed mirror that my parents gave me some time ago and this is above the mantle, I use it to direct the light towards the living area because it gets a little dark. I wanted something soft and sparkly with a subtle effect.

Here is what I came up with.


I used pieces that would reflect the light of the candles or the fire when it was lite such as this silver tray.

BeFunky_e 9.jpg

I love to collect books that have gold outside pages, this reflects the light as well.

BeFunky_e 37.jpg
Using the velvet pumpkins that I made added a soft beautiful look.


White on white is so lovely.


I collect vintage and antique ladies, this is my newest, Lady Liberty herself I love her bronze hues.

BeFunky_Evening mantle.jpg

Soft and sparkly.

BeFunky_e 10.jpg

I feel so much better with this softer vignette for the Fall Season. See my post on Ready for Fall for the difference. The reflection from the mirror is so lovely, soft and sparkly.

I never know when I wake up whether the mood will hit or not. Just remember that no matter what the size of your home, or even if you don’t own the home you are living in right now, you can always make your home beautiful and inviting and you will be glad that you did.

Life is LOVERLY!



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2 thoughts on “Fireplace mantle redo. Sparkle! Sparkle!

  1. Jo,
    I love it all. The angel wings are so pretty. Love the candles and your Lady Liberty is so beautiful. I do this all the time I walk into a room and think yep this needs a new look! It is fun to get a whole new look with just changing things up with what you already have.


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