A little bit of French Nordic

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I have really fallen in love with the French Nordic design. I have started to add a few more vintage pieces to my home. Adding the French Nordic look means losing just a little bit of the frills and a lot more vintage and antique finds to my design. So I have gone through my home and have put many old pieces on sale at The Urban Country Boutique. I will picture those in a later post, in case you are interested in buying them.

Here are some of the vignettes that I have come up with.

BeFunky_fn angel.jpg

This is a darling angel that I got a few years ago. She never fit into my style until I painted her all white,even the real feathers. I love her new look now.

BeFunky_fn bag.jpg

Here is a great vintage purse that I got on Etsy. I like it the best filled with flowers.

BeFunky_fn horse.jpg

<a href=”https://fulcolbaxia.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/befunky_fn-feed-sac.jpg”&gt;BeFunky_fn feed sac.jpg

BeFunky_fn basket.jpg

This is a huge chest that I got at a garage sale many years ago. I tipped it on its side and filled it full of great vintage finds.

BeFunky_fn crown.jpg

BeFunky_fn clock.jpg

This is the top of the chest. This is a great old clock that is a candle holder as well.

BeFunky_fn book.jpg

This a a beautiful book on poetry that my Son just gave me. The date says in the book says 1883. I love the cover, it just made my display.

BeFunky_fn hooks.jpg

A rack of hangers is so fun to make vignettes with.

BeFunky_vn blue lady.jpg

Last of all my Lady in Blue. She has a great legend behind her.

I hope you enjoyed my new French Nordic vignettes they were really fun to put together. Stay tune for more.

Life is so LOVERLY when you are doing what you love!



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