Where do you put your Jewelry?

Hello everyone! I’m so glad that you are here.

I have always been one that has to have everything in its place. When I was a teenager my friends thought that it was just wrong that my room was so clean and that I had a place for everything. But what do expect when both of your parents were the same way. I always lived in a Better Homes & Garden home. That’s just how it was and I assumed that everybody’s else was the same way. LOL I thank my parents for teaching me this great quality.

Do you have a place for your jewelry? I have always been one that has put my jewelry in a jewelry box, I would have to use the hunt and peck method to find what pieces I wanted to wear, this was bugging me. So I made up a system that works for me, and it is not all in one place either. Here it is:

BeFunky_jj braclet.jpg

I rummaged through my house to see what I could use to put my bracelets on, I was really surprised what I found. An antique lamp, hand, several different sizes and colors of vases and one see through box. I put them all on a lovely shelf that I have in my bedroom. I love having my bracelets out because now I can see them and I wear them more often. They are also very fun and colorful and add to the decor in my bedroom.

BeFunky_j braclet.jpg

This is the other half of the self.

BeFunky_j necklace.jpg

In this picture I have taken my pearl necklaces and put them the post of my dresser. So LOVERLY!

BeFunky_j jel hanger.jpg

I took an old picture frame and padded it with batting and put a pretty piece of fabric over it and it is perfect for hanging necklaces, and earrings. I use straight pins to hold the necklaces on.

BeFunky_j framed.jpg

Then I got an even better idea for the frame and thought it would look great to frame some of my jewelry like a picture. Here I have my deer necklace and bracelet on it. It’s so pretty to look at.

BeFunky_j embellsih.jpg

I use a lot of old jewelry to embellish my crafts with.

BeFunky_j Jules.jpg

This is my most beautiful jewelry hanger. Juliette just had to get into the picture to share her necklace. Love that girl! She’s my ninth grandchild.

BeFunky_J earrings.jpg

Here is an earring holder that I made out of a vintage frame and wire.

BeFunky_j maniquin.jpg

I love hanging my necklaces on my dress forms,and busts.

BeFunky_j cameo.jpg

j head

j bust

It’s all very simple and fun. The thing that I enjoy the most is having it out so I can remember what pieces I have, kind of like on display in a store you know where it always looks so sparkly and pretty.

BeFunky_j picture.jpg

This is a little old piece that I love, it’s probably the least inexpensive piece that I own but it has special memories, and I have it since I was a girl. I have always been a collector and jewelry is one of my favorite to collect.

If you have a drawer or box of tangled up pretties somewhere take the time to go through it and you’ll surprise yourself with what you have. It will be like Christmas!

Have a beautiful over the hump day!

It’s all so LOVERLY!



I love to read your comments. Thank you!

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