New Fall Pillows and how to place them.

I have fallen in love with the FRENCH NORDIC LOOK, so I am going to start to incorporate this design into my Romantic Farmhouse. You will see some of this look a little at a time.

Pillows, pillows, pillows, are so easy to make and it adds a new seasonal flare to your house.
Here are some new fabrics that I choose, all from Walmart for less that $5.00 a yard. I can usually make 2 pillows out of 1 yard, depending on the size of course.

I also will show how I placed the pillows according to size and color.

BeFunky_pillow plain.jpg

I started out with a 20″x 20″ pillow in a plan beige muslin pillow cover. I made 2 and put one on each end of the sofa.

BeFunky_pillows beige.jpg

Then I made one of the same but with 2 ties at the top, I had a piece of vintage embroidery that I sewed around the edges then glued on with fabric glue. I set this pillow in the center. Always put the larger sizes toward the back.

BeFunky_pillow steps.jpg

Here are 2 18″ x 18″ pillows that I covered in black and beige check. With a darling beige ruffle on them. I placed them next to the muslin pillows.

BeFunky_pillow fabric.jpg

I was so excited when I found this next lovely fabric. The colors are of black, deep purples, gold, and olive green.

BeFunky_pillow .jpg

I made 2 pillows one 18″ x 18″ and the other a lumbar pillow for a different shape I didn’t want it to get boring with all the same sizes. I placed the 18″ x 18″ size pillow in front of the checked one and the middle beige pillow. The lumbar pillow at the end next to the beige pillow at the end.

BeFunky_pillows 3.jpg

Now for the final pillows. I made 2 different sizes but the same fabric. I found this great soft pink rose pattern and made a 15″ x 15″ pillow with a beige ruffle. I placed it at the center of the sofa next to the purple flowered pillow. Then a small pillow 15″ x 12″, sitting at the end of the sofa.

Then I made a deep wine, and gold pillow and placed it right in the center. I think that they turned out very lovely. All of these pillows have pillow forms that I recover season after season. I just simply replace them when I get the feeling. LOL

BeFunky_table skirt.jpg

Along with recovering the pillows I made a new curtain for my work bench to match the new season, out of the muslin fabric that I had. I really like the frayed edges so I didn’t hem it. Now I’m already to add more color to my home for Fall. See you next time!

It’s all LOVERLY!



I love to read your comments. Thank you!

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