How is your garden growing? August 1 is the day that many celebrate Lam-mas.  Legend says that in the old country (British Isles area) August 1 was the first celebration for the fall harvest. I’ve noticed just a little chill in the early mornings.

This is the first year for a long while for me to have a home to plant flowers. I loved sowing the holly hocks, planting pansy, geraniums, asylum, I even planted 4 beautiful rose bushes all in the shades of pink. I love pink! I think next year I will make a spot for a while garden. Then I want to make butterfly garden so my grandchildren can watch the beautiful butterfly’s. Here are pictures of my spring attempt.

holly hawks

Here are my some of my holly hocks. They have grown almost as tall as my house. I’ve had to put twine around them to keep them off the lawn.  When I look at them it sends me back to being a small girl, making dolls out of them.

outside wreath

This is just a fun little wreath that I hang in my garden. It’s a little on the shabby side but I think that’s why I like it.


I got these darling pots from Pottery Barn, and I have used them for many things inside the house and out. Of course I had to embellish them with pretties. This year I planted johnny pop ups in them and had them sitting on my kitchen window ledge. That were so cute, then I went on vacation and they over grew their pots while I was gone so I had to plant them outside.


This is my cute little entrance.

blue pot




I love this picture the pansy’s have dew on them from the early morning.


I have had this little critter and his nest for a very long time. It’s a bird bath and it is indeed very shabby chic. His little friend is one the other side.

The other day I got some bad news in the mail, I was pretty upset so I grabbed my shovel and hoe and I headed out to my garden. I dug, smashed, raked, watered, and pulled some weeds. I felt so much better after. I think that is really inexpensive therapy, and it’s so good for you in many ways.

How is your garden growing?

It’s all LOVERLY!



I love to read your comments. Thank you!

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