Redoing the Bookcase

I really love to read! I am very eclectic in my reading choices and I like to keep the real good books. I collect a lot of great old books.

I even have a family Swiss Bible from the 1800’s. Because of my love for reading I treat my books like they are pets. I even sort them by color! I like the look that it gives to the bookcase.  I really struggled about redoing my bookcases. I got them as a gift and they were black. That was okay for awhile until I decided that I wanted most of my furniture white. I thought to myself “This is a huge task to under take.”  Before I knew it I has sanding down the black bookcase.


I painted the bookcases a white satin, then I painted the back panels in a light blue. I wish I could tell you the color but I mixed it with several other blues I already had. I do that a lot. After painting the cases I sanded some of the areas down to give it the Vintage look. This gives a little extra special look to the books and the vignettes.

I was real careful not to make the shelves to busy or junkie looking. Here are a few examples of the shelves vignettes.

Top of book case

This is a picture of the center and upper left hand side of the bookcases. I have a real feminine theme going on here. The brooch on the bust was a gift that my Grandfather gave to my Grandmother while they were dating.

Foo dogs

This is the upper right side of the cases. I love these Foo Dogs, the blue is so striking. Some of my Jane Austin books and an original Love Story by Erich Segal.

Blue vase shelf

This shelf has some of my blue & white transfer jars and a little painting that I did adds a splash of color. This little trophy was one that my Dad won in 1975.


I love to collect pennies in a old Kerr jar. The books in the back are very old, the one on the bottom is the Swiss Bible. It is so old that I have to bind it together with twine to keep the pages from falling out. I love the patina on the books from times well read.  The cute little girl in the picture is my Mom. I’m very lucky to have a lot of old photos of family members.

Male bust

I think that this is the most masculine piece that I have in my home. He looks great next to the Aesop’s Fables don’t you think?

Crown bookcase

As you can see most of the book covers are in the red hue on this shelf. The cute little guy is my Dad. The picture is framed in a glass dish from a old vegetable tray that I found in the trash. My Mom’s baby picture is framed in the other one. I love crowns this one has a great patina. The pink leather book behind the crown is my old baby book.


Audrey Hepburn stands guard over my books. I love to collect pieces that show womanhood in various seasons of life. You will see that from time to time in my home. Well there it is. I hoped that you enjoyed my little tour of my bookcase.

Have a great Day! It’s so LOVERLY!


I love to read your comments. Thank you!

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